Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nemo Mobile on CuBox

Finally all the needed stuff for cubox have been merged to Nemo and Mer and I got time to cleanup the adaptation bits a bit as well. So now we have Nemo Mobile running on CuBox, there are some bits and pieces still missing but it can be already used to some extend. Main issue seems to be with the graphics drivers, but anyway here is a short video of it..

Creating your own image

To create an image you need to install Mer SDK and then login to the sdk as guided. Download the .ks file

curl -O  http://sage.kapsi.fi/sagestechblog/cubox/cubox-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks

And start the image build:

PATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic cr raw cubox-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks --arch=armv7hl

Next thing is to put the image to the microsd card, example guide in nemo wiki. After this is done put the microsd card to the device and that is it.

Nemo Mobile UI on Snowball

I have been working a bit again with the snowball and now I got the Nemo Mobile UI booted on the device. It is still missing some bits and pieces but it is already something that can be easily tested and reproduced.

Here is a quick tutorial how to make an image yourself. First you need to get the Mer Platform SDK to build the images to which there is quite nice installation guide in the Mer wiki pages.

After you have installed the Mer Platform SDK log in and download the .ks file for building the image.

curl -O http://sage.kapsi.fi/sagestechblog/snowball/snowball-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks

After getting the .ks file you need to modify it a bit, and instructions for that are in the .ks file so you need to do some reading ;).

When .ks file is modified you can build the image with following command:

PATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic cr raw snowball-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks --arch=armv7hl

After image is built you can put the image to microsd card by following for example Mer wiki.

Now you are set for booting the device, have fun. Here is a very short video about the performance.